Development Cooperation

Women line up to vote in the 2013 Constitutional Assembly (CA) elections, Kanchanpur

Norway is a committed development partner to Nepal. Our key areas of cooperation are education, good governance and renewable energy. In 2014, Norway granted a total of NOK 237.5 million (approximately USD 30 million) in development aid to Nepal. Read more

Through our agreement with ICIMOD, Norway contributes to increased knowledge about climate change effects on the Himalayan glaciers.

The Norwegian Embassy aims to promote transparency and include anti-corruption measures in all our development work. As part of this effort, we publish the contracts and agreements of the projects we support. Read more

Photo: Ken Opprann.

Education is a prioritised sector for Norway’s development cooperation with Nepal as a means to promote social equity and poverty reduction in Nepal. Read more

Norway supports a wide range of programmes and initiatives aimed at strengthening democratic institutions and respect for human rights. Read more

Photo: Ken Opprann.

Norwegian assistance in energy development is aimed at contributing to economic and social development in Nepal. Read more