Photo: Ken Opprann.Photo: Ken Opprann


02.07.2016 // Education is a prioritised sector for Norway’s development cooperation with Nepal as a means to promote social equity and poverty reduction in Nepal.

Over the past 20 years, Nepal has made rapid progress towards the goal of having all children enrolled in school. More than 95% of all children are enrolled in primary school. Enrolment numbers at other levels, from pre-primary to class 12, are also showing positive trends, including near gender parity at all levels.

Norway’s main contribution to Nepal’s education sector has been support for the School Sector Reform Programme (SSRP) from 2009 – 2016. The main target for this programme has been to provide free and inclusive primary education for all. Upon the completion of this programme, a new School Sector Development Programme (SSDP) will be initiated, also this with Norwegian support. This seven-year programme will continue the work of the SSRP, as well as placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of basic and secondary education. 

Also for the SSDP, Norway will in particular focus on:

  • Ensuring the right to education for vulnerable groups, such as girls, children with disabilities and children from disadvantaged groups and communities

In line with Norway’s policy of zero tolerance for corruption, we aim to improve financial management, accountability and transparency in the school sector.

Norway also currently support three smaller education projects that focus on promoting quality of education for girls and marginalised children in one of the most disadvantaged ares of Nepal. Additionally, Norway is involved in the reconstruction of schools that were destroyed during the earthquakes that hit Nepal in 2015. 

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