Good governance

Last updated: 18.06.2013 // Norway supports a wide range of programmes and initiatives aimed at strengthening democratic institutions and respect for human rights.

Norway has for many years been a key partner in assisting the country to conclude the peace process.

The Embassy support efforts aimed at strengthening democratic processes at both national and local levels. Norway has assisted in drafting election laws through our partnership with IFES and has together with IDEA provided technical expertise in the constitution writing process.

The democracy focus includes efforts to reform local governance, strengthening financial management and fighting corruption.

Norway places special emphasis on promoting respect for human rights, gender equality and including children/youth and marginalized groups. Political participation of women in all state mechanisms is support through partnerships with women’s alliances.

In the period 2008-2011 Norway supported the national decentralisation program “Local Governance and Community Development Programme” (LGCDP) with a total of 80 million NOK. 26 000 local planning committees counting 548 000 members have been set up.

These planning committees and their members influence decisions affecting local life such as road construction, sanitation, health and education. 45 per cent of the local planning committee members are women and 70 percent are from marginalised groups.

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