Through our agreement with ICIMOD, Norway contributes to increased knowledge about climate change effects on the Himalayan glaciers.Through our agreement with ICIMOD, Norway contributes to increased knowledge about climate change effects on the Himalayan glaciers.

Projects we support

05.07.2016 // The Norwegian Embassy aims to promote transparency and include anti-corruption measures in all our development work. As part of this effort, we publish the contracts and agreements of the projects we support.

Energy, Climate and Environment - EducationGood Governance - Peace and Reconciliation 

Women's Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion - Other/Small Grants


Project Title and Duration

Brief Description

Implementing Partner

Contribution Amount (NOK)

Agreement / Contract

Energy, Climate and Environment


National Rural and Renewable Energy Program (NRREP)


The project aims to improve the living standard of rural women and men by reducing their dependency on traditional energy. NRREP has three components: a) a central rural/renewable energy fund (CREF), b) a technical support component and c) support to business development for renewable energy and productive end-use.

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre

172 000 000

Agreement PDF

Joint Financing Arrangement PDF


Nepal Electricity Transmission Expansion and Supply Improvement Project


The project aims to expand the transmission system that will enable Nepal to benefit from its hydropower resources.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

150 000 000

Agreement PDF


The South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Power System Expansion Project in Nepal


 The project aims to increase electricity access in Nepal and improve power exchange across the border.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)

 180 000 000



Support to ICIMOD


Support to International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICMOD)'s Strategy for the period 2013-2017, for the goal that men, women and children of the Hindu Kush Himalayas (HKH) enjoy improved wellbeing in a healthy mountain environment. Core support and support to Regional Programmes on Adaptation to Change, Cryosphere and Athmosphere and Transboundary Landscapes.

International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)

150 000 000

Agreement PDF


Fish Farming Development in Nepal



The purpose of the project is to improve fish production technology in an environment-friendly manner.

Government of Nepal

18 400 000 




Short Term Support to Butwal Technical Institute (BTI)


The purpose of the activity is build up capacity of BTI to produce trained human resources for the industries.

Butwal Technical Institute

820 000

 Grant Letter


Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Capacity Building of National Planning Commission (NPC) in Nepal


 The objective of the project is to establish a well-functioning SE4ALL Secretariat in NPC to coordinate the implementation of SE4ALL initiatives, as well as ensure that SE4ALL Country Action Agenda, Investment Prosepctus and other Program Documents are approved.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

2 800 000

Cost-Sharing Agreement 


Capacity Building & Consensus Building Training Workshop


The purpose of the Activity is to increase awareness on benefits, risks and challenges of hydropower development among representatives of the media, political parties and local communities through 4 workshops.

Independent Power Producers Association of Nepal (IPPAN)

656 000

Grant Letter


Energize Nepal


This projects aims to improve capacity of research and education required for development of the renewable energy sector in Nepal and the region.

Kathmandu University

25 000 000

Agreement PDF



School Sector Reform


Assist the Government of Nepal in promoting social equity and poverty reduction through a well-functioning public education programme. In particular, the project aims to ensure equitable access and quality basic education for all children in age group 5-12.

Government of Nepal

359 000 000

Agreement PDF

Addendum to Agreement PDF 


Reconstruction of schools after earthquake


This project supports the reconstruction of 13 schools in three districts that where hard hit by the earthquake.

GIZ Nepal

18 995 000

Agreement PDF


Reconstruction of Schools damaged by Earthquake in Northern Dolakha


This project will rebuild/ repair and furnish 13 schools, provide WASH facilities and school libraries, and ensure that schools have earthquake safety and disaster preparedness corner in place.


15 000 000

Agreement PDF


Promoting Quality of Education for Girls and Marginalised Children in Dhanusha (Tarai)



The goal of the project is to ensure access and retention to quality education in a safe and supportive learning for girls and children of the most marginalized and excluded communities in Dhanusha.

The project has the following objectives:
- Promote the value of education to the most marginalized and excluded groups
- Enrol all the girls, children from marginalized and excluded group of age group 4 to 9 in Early Childhood Development and schools of 17-targeted VDCs/municipalities with 80% attendance.
- Increase participation of children, parents, and communities (female, marginalized and excluded groups) in classroom learning and school governance.
- Improve the learning achievements in all grades in basic education (especially grade 1 to 5)
- Implement policy provisions of transparency and accountability by all schools in working areas and
- Reflect the learning of the field at policy level.

Aasaman Nepal (on behalf of the consortium partners Aasaman Nepal, Public Awareness Campaign - Nepal and Education Journalist Group)

7 500 000

Agreement PDF

 NPL 15/0016


The school sector development plan


The goal of the project is to contribute to socio-economic development and reduce disparities in the country through a continuous development of its human resources capacity.

The purpose is to facilitate all citizens to have the opportunity to become functionally literate, numerate, and to develop the basic life skills and knowledge required to enjoy a productive life, taking into account the diversity of context and needs and with regards federalization of the country.

 Government of Nepal

 231 000 000

 Agreement PDF

Good Governance


Local Governance and Community Development Program (LGCDP-II)


Local Governance and Community Development Program is a nationwide joint funding program covering all 75 districts, 217 municipalities and 3157 VDCs. The aims of the project are to improve local governance for effective service delivery, local development and citizen empowerment.

Government of Nepal

59 000 000


Joint Financing Arrangement PDF 

Addendum no. 1 to Agreement

Addendum no. 2 to Agreement


Technical Assistance Support for LGCDP II (UNDP)


The project's goal is to provide technical support to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development in the implementation of the LGCDP II programme. 

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 

 6 000 000

Cost-Sharing Agreement PDF

Annex to Cost-Sharing Agreement


Child Friendly Local Governance (UNICEF)


The objective of the project is to mainstream Child Rights (Survival, Development, Participation and Protection) issues in the policies, systems, structures, mechanism and working processes of local government.

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

35 500 000 *

Letters of Exchange Agreement PDF

Agreed Programme Summary and Budget PDF

Addendum to Agreement


UNDP – Strengthening the Rule of Law and Human Rights in Nepal


The Rule of Law and Human Rights Protection System in Nepal (RoLHR) is a multi donor supported sector program within the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). Out of USD 26.7 million budget, Norway contributes NOK 24 million to UNDP for this project to be carried out in cooperation with the Supreme Court of Nepal to “improve access of vulnerable groups to security and rule of law institutions”.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

22 000 000 *

Cost-Sharing Agreement PDF

Agreed Programme Summary and Budget PDF

Addendum to Agreement


UNDP – Electoral Support to Nepal


The project focuses on operational support for future (but still unscheduled) electoral cycles in the areas of professional development and democratic governance of the electoral system.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

18 000 000 *


Cost-Sharing Agreement PDF

Addendum no. 1 to Agreement

Addendum no. 2 to Agreement



World Bank – Strengthening Public Financial Management in Nepal


This a multi donor trust fund managed by the World Bank to strengthen public financial management in Nepal. The project works with Ministry of Finance, Office of the Auditor General, Financial Comptroller General Office and Public Procurement Management Office to improve the overall public financial management system including better planning, book keeping, accounting, auditing and reporting.

Government of Nepal

15 000 000

Administration Agreement PDF

Addendum no. 1 to Agreement

Addendum no.2 to Agreement


Support to UNDAF Implementation – United Nations Resident Coordinator’s Office


The purpose of the project is to provide strategic, planning, coordination, monitoring, operational and advocacy support to the UN Country Team in Nepal for efficient and effective delivery of the new UNDAF 2013-17 in accordance with the the principle of UN "Delivering as One".

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

6 000 000

Cost-Sharing Agreement PDF

Agreed Project Summary and Budget PDF




Building National Integrity in Nepal



The project aims to assist Transparency International Nepal in strenghtening the anticorruption movement in key service institutions, sectors and society by working in nine districts in partnership with local civil society organisations, with the goal of reducing public sector corruption in Nepal.


Transparency International Nepal


 3 500 000

Project summary and budget PDF

Grant Letter



Fostering the rights of the people especially victims of Human Rights Violation (HRVs) and abuses in Nepal


The expected results of the project is (i) human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and International Human Rights Law without hindrance, (ii) access to justice of victims of Human Rights violations and abuses will increase and (iii) victims of Human Rights violations and abuses feel safer and more secure.

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC)

3 500 000

Grant Agreement PDF

Peace and Reconciliation


Nepal Peace Trust Fund


Support the successful implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) between the Seven Party Alliance Government and the CPN-M, and other relevant peace agreements, with the objective of establishing long term peace in Nepal.

Nepal Ministry of Finance

50 000 000 *

Agreement PDF

Women's Rights, Gender and Social Inclusion

NPL 15/0014

Support Blue Diamond Society for Core Fund, Human Rights and Media Advocacy


After successful implementation, it is expected that the proposed project will contribute to ensure human rights and dignity of sexual and gender monitories in Nepal

Immediate Objectives:

Specifically, the proposed project will contribute to:

1. Strengthen institutional capacity of BDS to advocate human dignity and human rights of SGM/LGBTI people;

2. Identify and respond human rights issues of LGBTI in time by supporting human rights initiatives 

3. To carry-out media advocacy to influence law/policy/decision makers, planners, law re-enforcement bodies and other concerned stakeholders to take action for rights of SGM/LGBTI in Nepal.

Blue Diamond Society

5 000 000

Agreement PDF


Equal Power for Equal Rights - Sankalpa Alliance to Amplify Voices of Women


The objective of the project is the increased, decisive and powerful role of women in the socio-economic, cultural and political sphere in Nepal.


 13 500 000

 Contract PDF


Ensuring Women's Equal Representation at all Policy and Decision Making Levels


The goal of the project is to ensure that Nepalese women have equal rights in policy and decision making levels.

Inter Party Women's Alliance

 4 014 856

Grant letter PDF

Service contract PDF


Improved Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response in the Far West in Nepal


This project aims to improve the quality of life of women and survivors of gender based violence through a multi-sectoral response.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

3 500 000

Agreement PDF

NPL - 15/0022

Youth Leadership Development


The project aims to strengthen democracy through youth leadership development. The expected effects of the project on the target group are that young leaders will have (i) upheld democratic values and and principles at local and central levels, (ii) influence on decision-making, and (iii) will be capable of influencing discussions and solutions on contemporary socio-political-economic issues.

LEAD International

6 000 000

Grant Agreement PDF

Other/Small Grants


Using Media to Promote Regional Peace and Development


Support to the long term sustainability of Himal Southasian, to stimulate critical debate about regional issues of importance to Nepal’s, as well as the South Asian region’s long term peace and development.

The Southasia Trust

3 892 000

Grant Letter PDF


Audit and financial management services


The company will assist the Embassy with following up on financial matters related to Norwegian development cooperation.

 Kuber & Company

Up to
480 000

 Contract PDF

NPL- 15/012

Lifeline radio programmes and aid accountability in earthquake areas


The planned effects for the target group of the Project are (Outcome):

Outcome 1: Audiences receive lifesaving and recovery information through BBC Media Action produced programmes

Outcome 2: Accountability, particularly in relation to aid distribution, is promoted on local and national levels

BBC Media Action

1 500 000

Grant Letter PDF

 * Amount differs from the grant stated in the agreement following a decision communicated by the Embassy to the partner agency in March 2014 to adjust the level as part of balancing the portfolio between prioritised sectors.


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