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“The inclusion of women has played a significant part in shaping the peace process and forwarding the writing of the constitution,” Subas Chandra Nembang, Chairperson of the Constituent Assembly said. Read more

Concluding a two-day official visit, Norwegian Minister of the environment and international development has urged political leaders of all parties to work together to conclude the peace process within the given deadline. Read more

The Norwegian ombudsman for children, Mr. Reidar Hjermann, last week met with key society leaders of Nepal. He said it would benefit the future of the whole country to form an independent mechanism to protect children’s rights. Read more

A unique alliance of women politicians from 15 political parties have agreed on a three year plan to ensuring equal representation in Nepali politics and policymaking. Read more

Nepal, being the first country in the world to acknowledge the third gender, has still a way to go to secure full human rights for sexual minorities. Norway has increased its support to this important work. Read more

Nepal’s plans to harness the country’s vast hydropower resources are not without challenges. One of the technical issues, sand erosion, may now be answered, by the country’s first turbine testing lab. Read more

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The Embassy, as a part of its mission to promote good governance, transparency and accountability, works with the government and other development partners in fighting corruption in Nepal. As a part of this engagement the Norwegian Embassy with support from UNDP, commissioned a report to examine the landscape of corruption in Nepal. The report “Corruption and Anti-Corruption”, finalized June... Read more

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”The struggle for democracy in Nepal has inspired the world – and the role that women’s movements played in this struggle has been even more inspiring” -Srilatha Batiliwala (Associate Scholar for AWID - Association for Women's Rights in Development) Read more

Sankalpa is using advocacy as a tool for change

Improving the respect for women’s rights and gender equality in Nepal is getting a new push through the establishment of a new organization Sankalpa - Women’s Alliance for Peace, Justice and Democracy. A three year contract between the Norwegian Embassy and Sankalpa was signed on 29. June to support their work which is aiming at strengthening women at all levels in politics and as change agents... Read more

Representatives from the Norwegian Embassy in Nepal travelled to Mustang district to participate in discussions on the constitution drafting process and development issues concerning the district. Read more

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The 17th of May is the Norwegian National Day and an important celebration for Norwegians around the world. The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu marked the day with a traditional Norwegian celebration in the morning and a reception in the evening. Read more

The elements of Nepal's National Action Plan on women, peace and security were studied and debated throughout the country.

Nepal launched its National Action Plan on women, peace and security on the international stage today. The plan focuses on UN Security Council resolutions 1325 and 1820. The event took place in New York and was hosted jointly by the Permanent Missions of Nepal and Norway to the UN, UN Women and UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Read more

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On 1. February the Government of Nepal endorsed the National Action Plan on United Nations Security Council Resolutions (UNSCR) 1325 and 1820 on Women, Peace and Security. Nepal is the first country in South Asia, the second in Asia and 24th country globally to have a National Action Plan (NAP). The national launch of the plan will take place in Kathmandu on 17. February. Read more

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The United Nation’s Resident Coordinator Robert Piper presented the Peace and Development Strategy (PSD) as an offer from the development partners to cooperate with the Government of Nepal on important issues of development embedded in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement from 2006. Read more

Sunil Babu Pant from Blue Diamond Society. 
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The Supreme Court Decision in favor of Sexual and Gender minorities was discussed among top level politicians, legal experts, government representatives and representatives from civil society in an interaction program in Kathmandu on 21. December 2010. Read more

Additional funds from the Norwegian Embassy to the AEPC’s ESAP program will provide electricity to 10 000 more rural households. In addition women and people from socially excluded groups will be trained to qualify for income-generating activities. Read more

Norway and ICIMOD will cooperate to understand the impact of climate change on the melting of snow and ice in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas. The Norwegian Government will provide up to 35 million Norwegian kroner over five years. Read more

The Norwegian Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Trond Giske, visited Nepal on October 30-31. Read more

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Inspired by the topic of peace, local painters and poets gathered in Norwegian Ambassador’s Residence for a workshop, with different poets and painters both days. Read more

Nepali society is not only divided among political lines but issues of geography, caste and ethnicity have compounded the problems of Nepal, as it is a country in transition. Nepal has always remained a mosaic of different cultures, people, language, religion, castes and ethnicities, co-existing alongside each other. Divisions among the people after the civil war ended have posed a threat to th... Read more